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Every business should have access to fast and affordable telecommunications services.


Who we Are

At ONiYN we believe that every business should have access to fast and affordable telecommunications services, we make it simple and enable business to connect where it is hard to.

What we Do

Based on our many years of experience in creating unique telecommunications solutions we provide our customers with all the necessary information and possibilities to ensure that the best possible telecommunications solution and outcome is delivered to your business.

Who we Help

We’re in the business of enabling businesses – our approach is not “one size fits all” but that “there is a size for all”. No matter where you are, what you need, or how often you have been told its not possible ONiYN will find a way.

Why Choose Us?

The idea behind ONiYN is to help businesses that require fast and affordable connectivity, to understand the choices
they have, when it comes to connecting and enabling infrastructure in remote, regional and rural areas of Australia.

Our Experience

ONiYN has 40+ years experience in telecommunications across Asia Pacific. Leveraging that experience and providing businesses with everything you need to know about who, how and what to connect with.

Our Approach

Quite simply our approach is to ensure you business has the option of the best possible telecommunications solution for your business. We won't dictate to you but will ensure you have the complete picture of what is possible for your business.

Our Difference

We’re a small fish in a big pond. And every customer is important to us. We’re about making a difference for businesses on the outskirts of town, the regional centres, the areas that are often forgotten and neglected from obtaining services.

Our Awesome Team

Our team are highly skilled and passionate about business. We employ based on attitude. We believe that you can teach
anyone, anything, but you can’t teach attitude. Our team is built on attitude and fully supported by trust and respect.
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Jason Sinclair

Jason Sinclair has worked in the telecommunications industry in varying roles for the past 22 years. An Industry veteran, Jason has seen many changes in telecommunications over this time.

Loren Sinclair

Caretaker of all things customer, that’s my purpose. At ONiYN my vision is to deliver above and beyond customer expectations. Some might say “hard to achieve”… I say “not at all”!


“Facts are stubborn things, but statistics are pliable.”
— Mark Twain
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We're here when others aren't

No matter if you have a question or just want to say hello, we would love to hear from you.